Technology, web design & web development

Finding the best possible solution for the businesses and organisations we develop websites and applications for is what drives us. Unique challenges in business management, content engagement, member services and more is what gets our team of Python / Django developers and front end designers and developers fired up.

So often we speak to clients who have been given a website that is basic, rigid and generic. Their business has been squeezed into pre-existing solution and the outcome just doesn’t work for them. It’s definitely cheaper to do it this way, but if there’s one single area that is worthy of investment, it is the digital space. Websites and applications should be able to add genuine value to your business, either directly by generating new business, or by streamlining the way your company functions and saving you money.

The way we develop, using Backslash our own CMS, we can deliver solutions that are right and achievable now, and offer the ability to make changes in the future as our clients evolve the way they do business online.

Security is also worth noting, and with The Cut, all new projects will be secured with SSL certification by default. This is just another way we deliver best practice technology solutions to the businesses we work with.