Meet The People

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Scott. Ben. Sabine. Sajith. Kye. Byron. David. Amanda. Christian. Jayden. Mae.

We’re all about people and solving challenges for business owners and marketing professionals who want to grow their businesses with websites, ecommerce, software and new brands.

Our team is a group of digital and design people with all sorts of different interests like Spiderman, Kanye, Chocolate, Furniture Design, Kitesurfing, Cycling, Fine Ales, Sneakers, Photography, Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, Motor Bikes and Gardening.

If your business needs help with ecommerce, custom websites and software, new ideas for your logo, or help with social media marketing, talk to these people today.

Scott Sanders, Managing Director

As well as project and client guidance, Scott runs the business for us.

A Graphic Designer by trade, Scott spent almost a decade with his own agency in London before returning home to Perth. As well as design skills, Scott has a technical brain and understands the technologies our team work with and helps clients understand their challenges and the best solutions.

A cycling fanatic, Scott is married to Kerry with two children, Magne and Emilia.

Ben De Jonge, Director, Strategy & Creative

A Copywriter by trade, Ben has worked in advertising agencies from Hobart to Perth and from Canberra to Manchester. Ben works with clients on Communications Strategies, Copywriting, Brand Development, Advertising Campaigns and Website content structures.

Ben likes things like kite surfing, mountain biking and merlot. He is married to Parisa with a daughter Olivia, and two cats, Sprinkle and Lou-Lou. Lou-Lou is French.

Sabine Hoffmann, Digital Project Manager

Sabine manages our bigger digital projects, working with our team and our clients to scope and quote on our solutions, and then managing the complex processes and the ongoing loops of feedback between our team and our clients.

Sabine manages time, deadlines, budgets and deliverables.

Sabine likes dancing and the great outdoors. She also loves chocolate.

Byron Hammond, Developer

Byron is one of the newest additions to our team, joining us late in 2017 and quickly proving his worth by leading one of our biggest and most technical software projects for the mining sector. Byron works with Kye to lead our decisions on technical solutions, services, infrastructure and partnerships.

At home Byron is a casual gamer, and a dedicated ‘axeman’ who has been been playing electric guitar for many years.

Kye Russell, Developer

The youngest member of our team, Kye has development skills that are way beyond his years. He is lead developer on the Brightpath project and works with Byron and Jayden, and our Front End Devs, on The Cut’s bigger development projects.

Kye also manages The Cut’s technical infrastructures including our service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), servers, deployments and new technologies.

Kye is a Perth native, a dedicated lover of technology and he has a penchant for online shopping.

Christian Geyer, Front End Developer

Christian is a talented and experienced Frontend Dev who works across many of our digital projects and also teams up with Sajith on our Shopify ecommerce projects. His high standards and speed quickly won him the respect of the whole team.

Christian works Monday to Thursday for The Cut, and on Fridays he is a talented designer and craftsman of timber furniture.

Sajith Jayweera, Shopify Designer

Saj has been with us for quite a few years now and in that time, he has become a specialised Shopify designer. He knows our go-to ecommerce platform inside and out.

Sajith is also a talented digital designer for website and software projects and has a real passion for creating simple and beautiful interfaces that give users great online experiences.

Outside of the studio, Saj loves photography, sneakers, hip-hop and comics.

Jayden Spencer, Developer

Jayden also joined The Cut in 2017 and quickly distinguished himself by learning new back end dev skills quickly. Jayden puts his hand to both front end and back end Development and works with our entire digital team closely.

Jayden lives south of river, is a self-confessed coffee addict and football fiend, following Central Coast in Oz, and the Bundesliga league internationally.

David Marshall, Graphic Designer

Dave is a talented Graphic Designer who leads our Logo and Brand Design and Advertising projects, as well as dabbling with digital design every now and then.

Dave is highly skilled at bringing new brands to life, and giving extreme makeovers to tired old brands that need a refresh.

Dave is a hardcore skater and had a massive year in 2017, getting married to Kaylene and the two are happily expecting their first bubba in March 2018.

Amanda Zampogna, Project & Social Media Manager

‘Amanda Z’ is in charge of delivering our Social Media and Content marketing services. Her journalism training and agency experience are of huge value to our social clients and the content she produces with Dave kicks huge goals.

Amanda also coordinates Graphic Design and Advertising projects, working closely with our clients, and Dave and Ben. Amanda is a massive fan of Dave Grohl and his gang of Foofighters.

Mae Chau, Bookkeeper

Last, but definitely not least (because she holds the purse strings!), Mae has been The Cut’s Bookkeeper almost since the very beginning. Mae does an awesome job helping Scott and Ben manage our financials and tuck enough away for the ever-greedy tax man.

Mae works with us two days a week, and the rest of the  time she works for other clients, takes care of her husband and daughter and enjoys travelling around Australasia.