Communication Strategy

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Powerful & Effective

If you have a feeling that your business is not communicating to your potential customers in the most effective ways, you’re probably right. We can help you review your advertising and marketing and find the most powerful messages in your business.

A Communication Strategy with The Cut involves a full shake down of your business with key members of your team. We find out everything we possibly can about your business, services, products, people, target markets and more. Then we develop a clear and simple plan of what your business should be telling people to make them interested and motivated to buy from you.

“A Communication Strategy finds the things in a business that make them better, special and unique. We take those things and turn them into advertising messages that will be more attractive to new customers.”

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut.

Strong Foundations

A Communication Strategy is then used to guide all communication your business makes to the outside world. That might include the text on your website, your Social Media content, a TV or radio commercial or a corporate brochure.

If you know your marketing needs a makeover, then a Communication Strategy is the best place to start, and our team can be trusted to deliver a best-practice process that works.

“New media or old, it doesn’t matter. All advertising is more effective when it is strategically planned and based on strong messages and an understanding of what motivates the target audience. When the strategy is right, the results follow.”

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

Experience Proven

Our team have worked closely together for years with all sorts of clients in every business sector imaginable to help them rediscover what makes their businesses great, and getting those messages out there.

From destination and tourism organisations, to dairy foods, real estate agencies and professional services from lawyers to accountants, The Cut have put their process to the test for almost ten years. Ours is a process that can be trusted to work, and we find that our clients enjoy themselves and get excited by the outcomes.

“The most rewarding part of working on strategies is that our new perspective resets the client’s perception of their business. They get excited again and they rediscover what excites them about their own business.”

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

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