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Early-ish Adopters

While Shopify launched way back in 2004, before The Cut existed, we did adopt the platform in 2010, which makes us an early-ish adopter and certainly an agency with a great deal of experience with the platform.

If you value experience and knowledge gathered over time, then The Cut are an excellent choice with a team who can be trusted to deliver intelligent advice and professional guidance.

“We have always been extremely happy with our decision to specialise in Shopify. We did our homework at the time, and every year we find more reasons to love this platform and what businesses can achieve with it.”

- Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Trusted Specialists

If you have an idea for an ecommerce startup, or want to take an existing Shopify website to the next level, we can really add value to your business.

We have a huge amount of experienced-based knowledge that we can share with you on the spot, and then collaborate with you to create excellent solutions for your business.

“I am personally very happy to be immersing our team further into Shopify. It’s great to be able to sit with clients and help them on the spot, thanks to our experience. Business owners respond to our expertise and it allows us to build trust quickly.”

- Sajith Jayaweera, Shopify designer, The Cut

Shopify Features & Benefits

Here’s a short list of features and benefits that Shopify delivers. These things play a big part in Shopify’s universal popularity with businesses large and small. Here we just scratch the surface. There is so much else to learn, and if you’re interested, we can help you with that.

Performance & Security

Built-in and included in Shopify is impressive site performance i.e. loading speeds. Plus, the hosting includes thorough and regular security updates that are automatically passed on to every merchant.

Essential Features

They are all there, included and ready to go. From integrated payments to fantastic product management and from custom design and feature options to awesome analytics.


Especially important for smaller merchants, fast and responsive support from the Shopify people themselves is valuable, and also helps out agencies like us all the time.

Marketing Smarts

Shopify includes a great range of easily managed marketing features including SEO content optimisation tools, Adwords features and easy landing page creation for specific campaigns.

Custom Design

While the ‘off the shelf’ themes can be fantastic, Shopify is also well set up to work with custom designed interfaces. For an agency like ours, this has been instrumental in the work we do for our clients.

Custom Features

While the base feature set of Shopify is great, most businesses want to do things differently. The suite of apps built for Shopify gives almost limitless ability in terms of the custom features that can be implemented with Shopify.

Expert Partners

In 2016, after 6 years of experience with Shopify, The Cut were awarded Expert Partner status and in 2017 we became Perth’s go-to Shopify agency.

We are Perth’s leading Shopify experts and our increasing specialisation in the platform, combined with a more formal partnership makes us a trustworthy choice for any business with ecommerce ambitions.

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