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Branding Advisors

Helping business owners and marketing people reinvent tired brands is something we have specialised in from the beginning. Our team has worked with all sorts of businesses to rediscover their stories and create exciting new versions of their logos and branding.

We have the strategic processes and design skills to develop exciting new branding options for your business.

“Your logo makes your business’s crucial first impression so it better be good. We find it super rewarding to help clients get excited about their brands and businesses again with new logo and brand design.”

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

The Cut have well defined and proven strategies and processes that can lead your business to a whole new level of visual identity with best-practice branding design.

Brand Experience

Since way back in 2009 when The Cut first started doing our thing, helping businesses with their logos, branding and advertising has been a central part of what we do.

Our team are very experienced at guiding business owners and marketing people through the processes of communication strategy, key messaging, logo design, brand identity design and advertising campaign concepts.

"Simple branding and powerful messages are as important in digital media as they were in traditional media. Clients trust us to help them develop awesome new brands that attract attention, and new business."

- David Marshall, Graphic Designer, The Cut

You can find our brand design and advertising campaigns on businesses including Mundella Foods, Mandurah And Peel Tourism Organisation, Abode Real Estate,, Venue Menu, Canning Vale Primary School, South West Catchments Council, Get Better, Race Around Rottnest and many more.

Access These Benefits

First Impressions

Present your business right by reflecting your ethos to attract the right attention from your market.


Reinvent, reimagine & re-energise your business with a fresh new visual identity.

Key Messages

Communicate the most powerful messages about what you do best & how you help your clients.

Control & Consistency

Control your marketing & achieve messaging consistency to make everything more effective.

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