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Your branding (name, logo, slogan and brand identity) make that crucial first impression for your business. So they better be good. Good means simple, strong and memorable and we understand the process and know how to find the strongest messages in your business's story, and then turn them into awesome branding.

"Simple and powerful branding and well defined marketing messages are just as importnat in digital media as they are in traditional media. We use our design and communication skills to help clients attract attention, and new business, with strong visuals and tactical messages on wesbites, in social media and in digital content."

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

We all want our companies to be memorable and we want people to go 'wow!' when they encounter our business. Branding has the power to achieve these things for any business. Unfortunately, all too often, that opportunity is missed

It all comes down to the simple and consiustent execution of a well defined strategic direction. A busy, overcomplicated brand will blend into the clutter. A generic brand that looks like all the others in your sector, will disappear into the background.

We follow best practice design processes on every project because we see time after time the difference a well executed, strong and simple brand can make to any business.

"After we have redesigned the branding, we often help our clients with their advertising. These days, that means concepts, photography and text for websites and designing material for digital channels, like Social Media. In social particularly, we clearly see the difference that weel designed content makes. If it looks good, people will like it, and in social, it's all about the likes."

- David Marshall, Designer, The Cut

We develop advertising ideas and turn them into campaigns for websites, social media, eDM, TV, radio and more. It odesn't matter what media is best for your business, you’ll get more for your money with advertising that attracts attention and delivers the strongest messages to the right people. 

We have created advertising campaigns for Perth businesses that have achieved huge results. Results include sales growth, online engagement, website traffic and gorwing social media communities to expose our clients' businsses to more people.

If you want strong and effective branding and advertising for your Perth business, speak to our team of trusted design and communication specialists today.


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