Brand & Logo Design

We all want our business to be memorable. We want people to go wow! Logos and branding have the power to achieve these things for any business. Unfortunately, and all too often, that opportunity is missed.

It all comes down to simplicity and a well defined strategic direction. A busy, overcomplicated logo will blend into the clutter. A generic logo that looks like all the others, will disappear into the background.

We follow best practice design processes on every project, big or small, because we see time after time the difference a well executed, strong and simple logo can make to any business.

As we do with all communication challenges, we start with a strategy. From the strategy comes a clear brief and from the brief our graphic designers find their inspiration and start generating exciting visual ideas.

If your brand deserves some love, get in touch and we can help you understand exactly how our approach can work for your brand and business.


  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy
  • Naming & Positioning
  • Product & Service Strategy

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