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We are ready to be your digital guide and help you plan and develop the best possible digital solution for your business. Whether that is a website, software, or an application, our focus is on developing digital solutions that add value to your business.

“We understand how confusing and technical development can be. We work hard to build trust with our clients by giving excellent advice, simple explanations and delivering high functioning websites and business applications."

- Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut.

We understand the uncertainty that can surround the complexity of digital development. The truth is, development is highly technical, and we’re very experienced at helping clients clarify their own requirements and understand the essence of the solutions we create for them.

Trusted Digital Since 2009

The Cut has been one of Perth’s most trusted digital agencies since 2009, adopting the world’s most popular programming language, Python, from the beginning.

“Because Python is a modern and stable language we can build all sorts of technology projects and more easily integrate with other services because Python libraries are available for a range of Application Programming Interfaces."

- Kye Russell, Developer, The Cut

We partner with organisations on the development of applications and websites including a lottery platform for Cancer Council WA, the Brightpath education assessment software, Udio swim school management software, the directory and marketing business, a scheduling application for Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, and highly technical software for the biggest names in mining.

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Python No. 1

Brands built using Python include Google, YouTube, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.

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Access best-practice digital solutions that will improve the way you manage your business.

Bespoke Business

Develop solutions specifically for your business to help you & your clients achieve your goals.

Flexibility & Performance

Enjoy digital solutions that perform now & offer options for evolution & expansion in the future.

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