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What is Udio all about? Udio is a simple and intuitive management platform created for businesses running classes or lessons to improve efficiency to speed up the bookings and billings process.

It was developed and designed to remove the extensive costs of running multiple platforms on internal servers and online, to deliver a single, online system designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses running lessons. This might include karate classes, swim schools riding schools, yoga classes and anything in between

Businesses, instructors and staff has a single, central interface that removes the need to run multiple applications and hopping between them. when taking bookings and settling invoices. By simplifying the processes associated with bookings, invoices etc. Udio improves workflow efficiencies and generates reports so businesses can monitor and manage their performance. 

Students and their bill payers (also known as parents) are provided with a smooth and easy-to-navigate Customer Account. Here, they can manage bookings, settle invoices, book make-up classes and, best of all, use the touch screen self check in feature. With their membership cards students can check themselves in with a swipe of the card and a confirming tap on the touch screen. So easy, a six year old can do it, and they often do! 

We appreciate that kids taking classes aren't responsible for paying their fees, so Udio provides flexibility with its account management. If every child in the family is enrolled in different lessons, Mum and Dad can manage every single booking and every bill from the same Customer Account. 




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