New name. New logo. New brand. For a finance consultancy.

Brand pattern

Starting from ground zero and building a new brand up from there is not an opportunity that comes along every week, but it's one we totally enjoy.

The finance professionals behind the Trove brand approached us well in advance, with their plans to start something new. We worked closely with their team of directors and key staff to develop a Communication Strategy for the new business. This stage defines the messaging that any business will use to define itself in their market - What they offer, how they are special and why they are better.

"Building a brand up from nothing is a rewarding process. Developing name options can be challenging, and sometimes requires various feedback loops. But in this case, a strong direction meant plenty of great options, and we really like the name Trove for this business. Luckily, so does the client."

- Ben De Jonge, Communication Director, The Cut

Trove work with high net worth individual to help them protect and grow their wealth. It's a professional service that carries planty of responsiblity, and the need to be highly trustworthy.

The Trove name refects their core services and benefits, and the Brand Identity presents the business as premium, conservative and established.

We wish Trove all the very best of success with their new business and brand.

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  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Concept Development
  • Communication Strategy
  • Naming & Positioning