Custom e-Commerce website for Textile Traders

Responsive Design for Desktop and Mobile

When a custom e-commerce solution is not an option, we happily work with hosted e-commerce platform Shopify. Shopify is a clever and simple solution that offers a great range of features for clients making their first move into selling online. It also allows us to create custom designed interfaces that integrate with the existing functionality.

For Textile Traders, their move into e-commerce was important in two ways. Firstly, it was their first step into adding an online store to their business and secondly, it formed a central part of their plan to take the brand to a national market.

We designed a custom interface for Textile Traders with the objective of making the site simple and easy to navigate and make purchases.

The finished project has been a great success for Textile Traders and has exceeded the expectations of the key stake holders. We look forward to watching them expand further into digital marketing, a strategy that is becoming mandatory for any retail business that wants to have a long and successful future.

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Textile Traders


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