Invited back for the next Home River Ocean campaign.

Our comedy crabs, Crusty & Chrisso, taking centre stage

In 2013 we won a pitch to develop a brand and campaign for the South West Catchments Council. You can read about the Home River Ocean project right here

Late in 2014, we were invited back to work with SWCC on the second Home River Ocean campaign. The crab slippers featured in the first campaign were a highlight with the client and audiences so the decision was made to bring them to life as the heroes of the new campaign.

Named Chrisso and Crusty, we developed the characters and the advertising concepts they starred in. Advertising media included TV, Online, Press and Print collateral.

Chrisso and Crusty are true professionals and genuine stars. Almost without ego (Crusty has his moments), the two lead actors were happy to mix with cast and crew and when the Director called ‘Action’ they went into the zone and delivered. Their performances are defined by perfect comedic timing and exceptional characterisation that adds serious impact to Home River Oceans’ key messages.

To watch the TV commercials, just click here


Southwest Catchments Council


  • Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy
  • Naming & Positioning
  • Product & Service Strategy