The sneaky-sneaky story of ecommerce for magic bras

Sneaky Vaunt

Sneaky Vaunt are a start-up with a smarter-than-your-average team behind them. The same team, in fact, that brought the world Flat Tummy Tea. Digitally educated eyes out there will recognise some design similarities between the Sneaky Vaunt and FTT ecommerce websites, both by The Cut's Shopify experts.

"We first started working with Shopify way back in 2010. We chose it because of the simplicity of the core ecommerce functionality, and the flexibility it offers with cusom interface design."

- Sajith Jayaweera, Digital Designer, The Cut

Being the go-to digital team for FTT, The Cut were happy to be asked to help the company out with the launch of a new brand and product called Sneaky Vaunt. Turns out it's just a hop, skip and a jump from tea to push-up bras.

Having created a highly successful recipe for digital sales success with the Flat Tummy Tea website, the client team and The Cut's own Shopify specialists had a head start with the Sneaky Vaunt site.

"Working with Shopify through a variety of clients and product categories, we have an excellent understanding of the platform's strengths, options for customisation, and its limitations. The Sneaky / FTT situation is a unique one for us, that presented some cool challenges in retaining successful design elements, and creating a site that is uniquely Sneaky."

- Sajith Jayaweera, Digital Designer, The Cut

With the visual assets developed in-house by the client, it was our job to apply them to a new ecommerce website that used some of the great things from FTT, and added new features, specific to selling female undergarments.

Ladies, if you want extra frontal elevation, with a strap-less and back-less bra, get Sneaky right here.

And if you want to talk high performance ecommerce, contact The Cut now.

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