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Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is one of Australia’s leading teaching tertiary hospitals so it was with great pride that we undertook this project.

“This was a rare opportunity and a great challenge for our developers and UI Designers. It’s very exciting to evolve a client’s system and show them what is possible with technology. We love this solution and look forward to seeing it working at Sir Charlies.” - Scott Sanders, Technical Director, The Cut

Their Department of Anaesthesia is responsible for carrying out and administering Anaesthesia throughout the hospital across different departments, patient procedures, operating theatres and locations.

In recent years they'd found their existing Rostering System to be outdated and on it's way to being obsolete. Usability and security were far from where they needed to be and the system lacked the scalability required to handle the volume of data retained and accessed by hospital staff.

We were commissioned to design, create and develop a new solution - a brand new Rostering Platform to simplify the management of staff and information, allow for scalability and generally improve communication in the department.

This is just the sort of challenge our team love - a custom requirement, based on specific needs and the opportunity to have a huge positive impact on the running of the organisation. This sort of project is perfect for our approach because development online applications like this one are perfect for our chosen technologies of Python and the Django framework

Researching the Department's existing information architecture, use cases and structural wireframes, we produced initial concepts and presented to key staff for feedback. From there we refined the functionality and aesthetics of the new platform.

Using Backslash, our own Content Management System, we were able to build a platform with multiple functionality modules, custom capabilities and intuitive user interface to improve the user experience dramatically, and across the board.

The final stage was to update and refine the User Interface. Once we had achieved the final 'look and feel' of the new system our team tested across various platforms and browsers to ensure a consistent user experience.

The team at Sir Charlie’s are in the process of conducting rigorous internal testing and also thinking up ideas for new features. We’re happy to continue working with them to evolve and improve the platform even more.

It’s an excellent solution that offers genuine advantages and operational efficiencies and we hope it will be taken up by other departments and other hospitals.

All the very best of health.





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