Foodie Brandie

The logo and primary brand colours

Strategy For Starters

We helped The Scoff Society with everything and we had the strategy for our starter. Yum. It always starts with the strategy for us, because it's the best way to get the most powerful ideas. The Scoff Society have competitors, and the best way to push those competitors to the back of the queue is to carefully define the things that make TSS bette and unique. That's what the strategy does.

"This was a great project for us, and we're really proud of all of the outcomes. Everyone loves the name. The branding looks super cool and is right on for the demographic and the campaign came together really nicely."

- Ben De Jonge, Director of Strategy & Creative, The Cut

Say My Name

At the start of this project, the name was very different. We're not going to say what it was, but it wasn't what it is. We developed a selection of options and in the end had a bit of trouble choosing a favourite. In the end, this one went down a treat.

Logo. Branding. Campaign.

Next, we worked on developing the logo, brand identity and hero campaign concept. You can see it all right here. We're really happy with it, the clients love it and right now it's out there doing its thing online.

If you're young and time-poor, or just hate cooking, get on board and scoff down some good food from these guys. That way, you'll have more time for gym / sport / girl / boy / mates / beers and whatever else it is that keeps you busy after work.


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The Scoff Society


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  • Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy
  • Naming & Positioning
  • Product & Service Strategy