New website for a heritage organisation

RSLWA Website

It's not everyday that you get approached by an organisation that has been a household name for decades.

We considered this opportunity to be a genuine privilege, and continue to treasure the close professional relationship that we developed with the team at RSLWA.

We connected with them in an unusual way because they employed an independent agency to guide them through the process of choosing the best supplier to meet their requirements. It was great for us because the consulting agency recognised the detail and consideration in our proposal, and off we went.

"This was definitely a really enjoyable project. Not only was it exciting and challenging to work with a client with such a well-known legacy, but their team were open to new ideas and driven by a real desire to move the organisation forward with this solution."

- Scott Sanders, Technology Director

The biggest challenges of the project revolved around the presentation and management of a large volume of content, both on-the-page and as attachments and archives.

Accessiblity and an intuitive user experience were also important to give equal access to the the young and tech-savvy, and their older peers.

We're happy to say that the project delivered, and we continue to collaborate with the RSLWA today.

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