Creating branding for a start-up budget

Strategically selected stock photos bring the brand personality to life

Get Better run a medical service to Perth's southern suburbs that's all about delivering high level care to the patient's homes.

It's become a popular concept and Get Better have their competitors, but none look quite as colourful and friendly as GB does.

When we work with start-ups, the budget can be smaller. That's ok with us because we can modify our process and roll the financial challenges in with the communication challenges.

We're not saying we can create something for nothing, but we do help start-ups maximise the value of their budget.

With a simple logo design, the heart icon, and carefully selected stock photography, the Get Better brand you see here is high impact and projects the friendly and cariing personality of the business.

(We were thinking of a joke about getting better design and branding, but we decided against it.)

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Get Better


  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy