Website Design for a Great Perth Event and a Wonderful Cause.

Freeway Bike Hike Homepage

There’s nothing like working for a great cause to make a project more interesting. Something we all realised on this project is that asthma isn’t some harmless, wheezy condition. People die from asthma and often those people are young children.

Being involved with the Asthma Foundation and this event taught us plenty, both about the disease itself, and the community that has formed around this great event.

The Freeway Bike Hike is aimed at all people and is a fun-fused family ride to raise money for asthma research and the people it effects. We created a fun family design for the website that made that accessibility clear with the use of cute little bike graphics of different sizes.

The site also included a counter that tracked the fund raising dollars and our website integrated with the fundraising platform to show a live count in real time.

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