Award Winning Print Design Targeting Agencies.

Cover with die-cut tabs

Guts and impact is what it takes to win awards for print design. More on that later.

The marketing team at the Community Newspaper Group (CNG) wanted to reach agency media buyers with some key messages about targeted advertising in press. These days, they can do some very clever things.

The CNG team wanted to be big, bold and simple with their message, and they wanted it to be printed and delivered in print, in all its glory.

"It's fantastic and quite rare to get a print opportunity like this where the client wants to be brave and progressive. Our team realy enjoyed the project and the client stayed brave and on brief. We were all very happy with the final, finished piece ." - Ben De Jonge, Strategy & Creative Director, The Cut

At every opportunity, the designs you see here were developed to deliver on the idea of targeting. Firstly, the custom die-cut tabs allow the reader to quickly find the information most relevant to them. Targeting.

The graphics were derived from the CNG logo to form various visual interpretations of targets, arrows, and cross-hairs. Targeting.

And the format is big, because in advertsing agencies, size definitely matters. Just ask Don Draper. When closed, this brochure is 400mm (W) x 200mm (H). The custom sizing demands attention and stands out to those jaded media types who have seen it all before and bought the t-shirt every damn time. Targeting.

Enough said. You can see clearly how visually powerful the design is, and it attracted the attention of the PICA judges too.

Viva print!


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