Cancer Council WA - Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery

Fully responsive, of course

Late in 2016, we were approached by our old mates at Gatecrasher to collaborate with them and their client Cancer Council Western Australia (CCWA).

A new strategy, the Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery was a concept developed by Gatecrasher and CCWA. Central to the delivery of a ground breaking new lottery was the development of the website that would run the lottery itself.

This was a highly technical project including online purchasing of tickets, transactions, allocation of unique ticket numbers, multiple ticket purchasing, and the all-important draw of multiple winners via a random number generator.

In WA, a lottery such as this has to be compliant with the rules and regs of the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor WA. So, an important part of the project was developing a platform that met their requirements in terms of security and the random selection of winners.

Our solutions passed with flying colours and the first lottery for CCWA, the Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery, was run smoothly to set an exciting precendent and inspire plans for future lotteries.

It's fantastic for the team at The Cut to be working closely with an organisation that does such fine work helping WA people and familes effected by cancer.


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