Uniquely Creative Branding

Business cards

Real Paint!

The 'swirls' that define the Cathy Fogliani brand were created organically, with real paints. Yes, real paints! These days, this sort of technique is unusual but our designer wanted to create something truly unique with a series of variations, and this technique worked beautifully for this brand and client.

Brand Personality

As well as creating branding that truly reflects the personality of Cathy, the concept you see here also brings to life the creative vision of her event solutions. With years of 'big corporate' experience, Cathy understands the process and the eye for detail required to execute amazing events smoothly. She combines this with genujne creative flair and vision to create stand-out occasions. The guest experience is her priority, without exception.

User Experience

For us,  our focus is on the User Experience. We designed a simple and highly visual website for Cathy to get her new business live and online for the first time. The results and the visual impact of her creative brand speak for themselves.

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