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A complete rebrand marks a significant change in the look and feel of a business and its brand, and sometimes that can be a step too far. In these cases, we'll look at a 'refresh' rather than a full rebrand.

We call this process a 'Logo Refinement' or a 'Logo Evoloution' and it involves taking the existing logo design and applying some best-practice graphic design skills. The end result is always a much improved logo that we supply in vertical and horiizontal lock-ups, with simple brand guidelines to help maintain consistency moving forward.

"The Cardile project is a great example of a client who were in need of a new website, and could see plenty of value in a 'refreshed' logo. Using an old and outdated logo on a new website can be problematic, so the logo refinement conversation is one we often have to evolve the brand with the website."

- Ben De Jonge, Strategy & Creative Director

 Of course, we get more of a kick out of a full conceptual rebrand, but a logo refinement by our team will most often create a really positive change from a simple and efficient re-design process.

If you have a brand that could do with a re-think, get in touch.

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