Brightpath. Developing a digital education platform.

Logo and the cute kid-created brand pattern

The Start

We were happy to be approached by Brightpath late in 2015 and this year has been a happy and productive one for us on this project. When the Brightpath platform out-grew their existing development team, the director's found The Cut and we've been working with them ever since.

Developing Education Software

While we have helped Brightpath with their brand and consumer-facing marketing, the main focus is with our development team as they work to expand the platform, add features and functionality, and ready the platform for national expansion in 2017.

This is a challenging and highly technical project that keeps our developers and digital project manager on their toes.


Working on software that has been designed to assist students and educators is ultimately highly rewarding and our team love this client, the project and the platform. 

Behind Brightpath lies over ten years of pioneering research by the University of Western Australia.

The software records assessment results and delivers reports on a range of high-value information for teachers and principals, giving educators an informed basis for evolving and refining teaching programs to meet the needs of individual students.



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