A Naughty Little Advertising Campaign.

Naughty Magazine Ad

Mundella are a Mundijong dairy producing a range of healthy and totally yummy yoghurts and cheeses. We were given the challenge of motivating young, working women to indulge in creamy, snack size yoghurts. Investigating insights into how women shop for food gave us a naughty little idea.

During the strategic stage of the project, we found out that women often have a pet name for the junk food supermarket aisle, something like ‘The Naughty Zone’. It was this insight combined with some other ideas that inspired us to create The Little Naughty campaign concept.

Illustrated locally, we used cute and cheeky humour to support the call to action ‘Be a little naughty.’ The campaign was executed across billboards, press, print and social media and achieved a 38% increase in sales and a very happy client.




  • Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy