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Corporate profile brochure

Azure Medical is a brand new medical centre in postcard perfect Cottesloe.

They came to us wanting to establish themselves as the most progressive healthcare provider in the western suburbs. They live up to this claim with a focus on giving access to the latest medical technologies and combining them with good, old fashioned patient care.

Azure was named for the colour of the Indian Ocean that lines the suburbs the team service. Nice idea and one we were happy to work with.

First up we worked on the brand's communication streategy and defined key messages and positioning with the line - The very best of health. Because, let's face it, that's what the western suburbs expect, and deserve.

Next we refined the existing logo and branding. We then moved on to the design of various print advertising and the company's flagship brochure. With a selection of stock images chosen strategically to relfect the name and proximity to the beach, the brochure looks lovely. It came up even prettier in print than it does on screen and both the Azure team and their clients love it.

The Brand ID we created was extended into various print advertising as Azure entered the market with their combination of health, beauty, fitness and family care services. We developed luxe looking magazine ads with snappy headlines to speak to the right people. We wanted word to spread from yummy-mummies and professional males to the active elderly.

Cheers, and the very best of health to you and yours.

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Azure Medical


  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy
  • Product & Service Strategy