The Design of a New Logo for an Iconic Perth Event.

Avon Descent Intro

What a great privilege and exciting honour it is to be working on the Avon Descent event. We love logo design and creating brand identities for all sorts of brands, but when it's one that everyone knows, it's definitely more thrilling and rewarding. And slightly scarier too!

Thanks to CIC Events, we won the opportunity to develop a new logo design and subsequent brand identity for the Avon Descent, an event with decades of history that is genuinely famous for the extreme physical challenges and the spectatluar action it produces every winter.

With the brief focussed on words such as 'modern', 'iconic' and 'progressive' the overall look and feel the client wanted was well defined and we began concept development. As our designers worked, the best ideas rose to the surface and pushed their way to the front of the field. Of course, there were a few rapids to negotiate, but that's to be expected with a brand that has many stake holders and plenty of emotional attachment to the race itself and even the old branding.

Visually, this is a distinctive logo with the power to stand out in any cluttered environment. Inspiraction for the design was derived from the word 'descent', the twisting and turning river course that challenges the competitors and also the letter 'A'.

We're proud of the final logo you see here and excited to see how the final material looks at the finish lines (the project's and the event's).

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