Destination Marketing Campaign for The Peel Region.


The Mandurah And Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO) was created to initiate an integrated adverting campaign to get Perth people enjoying adventures across the Peel region. We were the lucky agency chosen for the job, and we're loving it.

Starting with a communication strategy we decided to create a 'product brand' that engages directly with consumers with core benefits and strong calls to action.

From dozens of options, the name Anytime Adventures was chosen. Then we got busy designing the logo and concepts for the campign. The campaign promotes 6 'adventure categories' including Water, Bush, Wildlife, Beach, Food & Wine and Arts & Culture. Hero images features the adventures and environments, and headlines deliver messages about how fast, and easy it is to make quick getaways to the region.

So far the campaign has run as Billboards and Transit advertising, Magazine and Press ads and a Pocket Guide. We have a Destination Guide in progress and are briefing photographers to create besoke images for the campaign based on a POV treatment.

Anytime Adventures has allowed us to stretch all our strategic and creative muscles and we're looking forward to the full launch of the campaign in Spring.

Next time you're looking to escape, take it easy and make it a fast one to the Peel region to find your best Anytime Adventure.

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  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Communication Strategy
  • Naming & Positioning
  • Product & Service Strategy