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Guidance & Knowledge

Digital projects tend to be complicated. Even 'simple' websites take time and consideration to get them right. Decisions must be made about the best navigation and page structure, page design styles, project case studies, galleries, blogs, contact options, headlines, text, buttons, desktop, tablet and mobile formatting and so on, and so forth.

Not so simple.

“As developers, we are problem solvers. We solve technical problems to give businesses and organisations digital tools that help them deliver and grow and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

- Kye Russell, Developer, The Cut

Complex projects demand careful management and we have the options, processes and knowledge ready to help you and your business.

Robust & Dependable

The end game for us is always an intelligent and robust solution that best suits your specific business requirements. The best way for us to achieve that is with a flexible approach to digital development and problem solving.

"The days of completely specifying complex websites and business applications in one iteration is over. Our best-practice approach is based on a staged roll out. We develop stage one, work with it, and then prioritise enhancements."

- Scott Sanders, Technology Director, The Cut

If you are looking for the best possible digital processes and solutions, speak to The Cut today. Our flexible process minimises risk for our client and our own team, and concentrates resources and investment on the most important features and functionalities.

User Experience

Our approach has come from our focus on creating robust, secure and dependable solutions that deliver best practice User Experience. That User Experience includes the Content Management System where the client team work with the website, software or application.

"We have evolved our approach to become increasingly flexible for our clients. Collaboration and transparency are super important to us and our best digital solutions are achieved when a project is based on those foundations."

- Scott Sanders, Technology Director, The Cut

Both sides of the User Experience are important. Consumers want a simple, intuitive and easily navigated online environment, and in the Content Management System, the client team want easy access so they can update content, generate reports and work with their data quickly and efficiently.

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