From The Beginning

CLICK HERE TO TALK WITH THE CUT. An agency who has been helping clients with digital and branding since 2009.

If you are looking for team of genuine and trustworthy people to help you with ecommerce, websites, software and digital marketing, the people at The Cut are a great choice.

Way Back When

The Cut started over lunch at the Subiaco Hotel in October 2008. Scott Sanders and Ben De Jonge had both recently returned from the UK and were introduced by a mutual friend.

From the very beginning, in a shared space in Mt Lawley, we have specialised in our areas of strength - Digital and Branding.

We chose Python and Django way back in 2009, and have been guiding clients through complex website and software development projects ever since then with a team of intelligent and creative developers and designers.

While our technical skew is driven by Director Scott Sanders, our Branding and Advertising skills are driven by Ben De Jonge. Again, from the beginning we have helped clients define their strongest messages and bring them to life with campaigns for digital and traditional media.

Right Now

While some things have changed, our core concepts and services have remained the same and The Cut are now one of Perth’s longest established and most trusted digital and branding agencies.

Compared to 2009, The Cut now is more focussed on ecommerce and are proud of our status as Epsrt Partner with Shopify, and their go-to agency here in Perth, Western Australia.

In terms of media, like everyone, we do less print work, but we do more campaign creation for digital channels, especially Social Media and Content Marketing.

To place ourselves in the best possible position to guide our clients through digital and branding challenges, we stay current and progressive and make sure the advice we give is rock solid.

People Power

At the end of the day, this is all about the people. The people who are our clients. The people who make up our team, and the people out there who we help our clients engage with.

We pride ourselves on the long relationships we achieve with our clients, and our great record for retaining staff. Plus, Scott and Ben have been together now for over 8 years. sniff. It’s all very romantic.

Let’s talk trust

The bottom line is that The Cut’s longevity, experience and ongoing progression makes us one of Perth’s the most trusted digital agencies.

Contact The Cut to talk to us anytime. You’ll meet some interesting people and learn something of value to your business.