Using Shopify as an online product catalogue.


When I first spoke to Zipform, Shopify wasn’t on my radar. When we gave our team the brief, Shopify emerged as the best solution to give the business a best practice website with awesome product search and display features.

— Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

Zipform were ready to upgrade with a focus on displaying products in the best possible ways. Even with no need for online transactions, Shopify’s core product display and management functions delivered a great solution.

With transactional features disabled, Zipform have a great new website that presents product options in a catalogue style, across many product categories, with high quality new images.

Our solution brought this business’s online product display up to date with a best practice solution delivered quickly and efficiently.

The flexibility offered by Shopify always surprises people. If you have unusual requirements and want a flexible approach, speak to our digital people today.