Perth’s Python & Django developers.

Getting to know Python & Django

Python is one of the worlds most popular programming languages. It is flexible, scalable, boasts an extensive library and is open source. Python is considered to be a simple language allowing you do more with fewer lines of code and because of this, Python is one of the easier languages to learn.

Python owes a lot of its flexibility to the many frameworks that improve the efficiency of development. One such framework is Django.

Over the past decade Django has established itself as one of the leading frameworks for developing scalable, secure and maintainable web applications. It was developed to quickly create reliable web applications using Python. It is well supported by cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services who ensure that applications can be quickly and easily deployed to their platform.

Leveraging a highly stable language (Python) and a scalable framework (Django) we have the ability to deliver a wide range of solutions. The combination is suitable for projects of any size from simple websites and foundation applications for startups , through to ecommerce and sophisticated software capable of running large corporate business.

We made a considered decision when we chose Python and Django. Our focus is on software development for businesses to achieve objectives and deliver return on investment. We have made the right technology choices and we help our clients do the same.

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Python delivers competitive advantages


Python is the planet's most popular programming language. For software professionals that is no surprise at all and for those looking for a competitive advantages, Python-based software proves its worth.


Python is simple and offers software developers flexibility in the beginning and for the evolution of new features. The flexibility of Python means more can be achieved, more efficiently.


The Django framework delivers best practice for business-critical software. When the technology is central to the enterprise, solutions must be secure, robust and agile and Django delivers.


Combining Python and Django gives the ability to develop small scale websites and software, and also tackle sophisticated applications. Python and Django give us the ability to respond with high performing solutions.