Business management software for swimming schools.

Client: Udio

So far, the Udio software project has been the biggest Pythong and Django development project that we have undertaken. The complexity of the software, the project duration and the scale of the benefits it delivers makes it a significant high point for our development team.

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Replacing an inefficient and underperforming technology stack.

The client that approached us to develop the Python based software that was to become Udio, was being frustrated by a technology stack that was both expensive, and at the same time, not delivering exactly the functionalities that his business really wanted.

When the investment in multiple technologies becomes excessive, and is combined with performance limitations, the decision to investment in custom business management software becomes the logical next step. It allows a business to invest in bespoke software that delivers exactly what their team, and their clients, want and need, and also gives them ownership of the asset.

This was the case with the Udio business management software. It was developed to remove the extensive costs of running multiple platforms, to deliver a single and bespoke software system for businesses based on lessons.

Development of took over two years and this management software was created specifically for businesses running classes or lessons, to improve customer experiences, and efficiencies and speed for management, booking and financial processes within the business itself.

If you are looking for enterprise level software to transform the way your business operates, we understand large scale and complex software. Let’s talk about scoping a solution for your company.


Python & Django to deliver sophisticated business management software.

Any business that runs a service based on lessons and learning is dealing with a complex business landscape that includes students, progression levels, instructors, locations, payment, account holders, attendance, awards, and so on.

Businesses that are based around learning are complicated, and with that level of complication comes the opportunity to achieve increased efficiencies and progression by developing software to assist staff and clients with day to day operational tasks.

As mentioned, The Cut's client for this custom business software project was frustrated by the poor performance of multiple existing technologies that simply did not match the way they wanted to run the businesses. Udio was a custom software solution in terms of its functionality, features and interface design, with the goal of delivering fantastic user experiences for the staff and the customers of this busy business.

Software should offer the capability to achieve ongoing efficiencies and cost savings across the business, and Udio is no exception. These increased efficiencies should offset the investment in the development of the software itself to provide a clear return on investment, plus the ability to continue to capitalise on the benefits for the long term.

The Udio project presented our Python developers with some complex challenges including sophisticated feature requirements for students, account holders, assessments and more. We took an agile approach to the project, which was ongoing for over two years. Time was spent to investigate and define features and functionality and to respond to evolving requirements, feedback and new ideas as the software was tested by the business.

In the end, we were happy to hand over Udio, a custom business management software application of significant scale and impressive functionality. Udio now manages a lessons-based business that operates across multiple locations, the software is being marketed internationally, and starting to win traction in the American market.

Here in Perth, our Python and Django software solution continues to achieve huge efficiencies in business processes and enhance the experience of the thousands of customers that come through the doors each year. Well done Udio.