Software for lesson based businesses.

Client: Udio

So far, the Udio software project has been the biggest Python and Django development project that we have undertaken. The complexity of the software, the project duration and the scale of the benefits it delivers makes it a significant high point for our development team.

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Replacing an inefficient and underperforming technology stack.

Our client was frustrated by their existing technology stack that was both expensive, and at the same time, not delivering the functionality the business required.

When the investment in multiple platforms became excessive and had performance limitations the decision was made to invest in a bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs. Development of took over two years and was designed specifically for running classes or lessons, to improve customer experience and efficiency within the business itself.

Udio was then taken a step further and turned into a product that can be sold to other business.

Udio - Interface

A return on investment

Any business that runs a service based on lessons and learning is dealing with a complex business landscape that includes students, progression levels, instructors, locations, payment, account holders, attendance, awards, and so on.

The Cut designed this solution around the existing processes of the business rather than the business having to modify their processes for the software. This has dramatically improved efficiency by streamlining day to day operational tasks.

Software should offer the capability to achieve ongoing efficiencies and cost savings across a business. These increased efficiencies should offset the investment in the development of the software itself providing a clear return on investment, plus the ability to continue to capitalise on the benefits for the long term.

The Udio project presented our developers with some complex challenges including sophisticated feature requirements for students, account holders and assessments. An agile approach to the project, with time spent investigating and define functionality and responding to evolving requirements, feedback and new ideas as the software was tested by the business.

In the end, we were happy to hand over Udio a business management application of significant scale. Udio now manages a lessons-based business that operates across multiple locations, the software is being marketed internationally, and starting to win traction internationally.

Here in Perth, our Python and Django software solutions continue to achieve huge efficiencies in business processes and enhance the experience of the thousands of customers that come through the doors each year. Well done Udio.

Udio - Sessions
Self Checkin - Touch Screen
Self Checkin - Touch Screen