Developing custom software to run fundraising lotteries.


We're always happy to collaborate with agencies who do not offer Python software development skills. We worked with Gatecrasher and Cancer Council WA to create powerful new lotteries software to activate a new revenue generation strategy for the organisation.

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Developing software to implement fund raising lotteries.

The new platform was developed by The Cut and launched in 2016 and since then, CCWA continues to evolve and expand their lottery strategies with this custom Python software.

The lotteries website and the application that runs each lottery has been custom developed by The Cut, specifically for CCWA, using the Python language, and Django framework. The functionality includes user accounts, ticket purchasing, random number generation and the need to be compliant with gaming legislation.

Using Python to develop enterprise software applications for businesses is what sets us apart in Perth. We love to talk to people about complex digital challenges, so if you have one, please get in touch.


Python development for a good cause.

In 2016 The Cut were approached by Cancer Council WA (CCWA) because of our specialisation in Python-based software development.

As part of a strategy to introduce new revenue and fund raising channels into the organisation, CCWA needed the ability to create and run multiple lotteries through the year. That was the software programming challenge for our team, to develop the software that met those business objectives, and also achieve compliance with the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor WA.

While the ultimate goal is based on fund raising to help those affected by cancer, the project was driven by specific business and technical objectives, and the requirements of the software to have the capacity to generate true, random numbers, allow for large numbers of con-current purchasing at peak times, and also for the server infrastructure to handle peak traffic without compromise.

We're pleased to report that we achieved compliance, and that every lottery has run seamlessly and delivered a seamless user experience for the customers who are eager to enter the draw to win some amazing prize packages, and support CCWA in their fund raising.