Developing education software to facilitate assessment and benchmarking.

Client: Brightpath
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We proved our capabilities with a code review and re-build of the whole platform. Our development was then given a five star rating by an independent European code auditor and we established a trusted working relationship with Brightpath.

— Kye Russell, Developer, The Cut


The Brightpath software offers educators a system that records assessment results and delivers reports on high-value information for teachers and principals, allowing teachers to refine teaching programs and meet the needs of individual students.

This is a highly technical project that keeps our software developers on their toes working to continually improve and enhance a platform that is the core of the Brightpath business and expansion. Working on software created to assist students and educators is rewarding and we love this project, the platform and the lovely people who run Brightpath.

If your business is being built on enterprise level software, our team can deliver. Our Python and Django developers are right here in Perth and ready to help you scope a solution to deliver exceptional performance and custom functionality, in any sector.


Python software for educators

There's an interesting story behind the Brigthpath project and we're proud to share it here.

As is often the case, the team at Brightpath found The Cut because of our long standing specialisation in Python and Django. This is the language and the framework that we use to develop software, applications and websites. The reasons are too complex to go into here, but suffice to say, Python is simple, flexible and accessible, allowing for the efficient development of high-functioning software applications that can be scaled, evolved and grown.

So, back to Brightpath. Their team found our team because of our Python skills. Their education software was coded in Python. It was, and still is, central to their business. Unfortunately, the software was experiencing issues so, The Cut was engaged to solve issues, fix bugs and review the quality of the software.

After some time and the resolution of the urgent issues, it was recommended that the software be re-built by The Cut. This decision was taken because there were fundamental errors in the coding of the original platform that would threaten the functioning of the software for schools and teachers. This was a risk Brightpath simply could not afford to work with. Redeveloping an education software application like Brightpath is a big undertaking and while the project may have taken years off the life of The Cut's lead Python developer Kye Russell, it was also very successful.

Brightpath took the extra step of commissioning an independent audit of the Python development done by The Cut, and we are proud to say that our work received a 5 star rating and a glowing endorsement from a fellow Python specialist.

If lessons can be learned from this education software project, they include that it is more efficient to develop properly the first time, that software development is complex and technical and requires experts, that Python and Django are excellent technology choices, and that it takes hard work and intelligent experts to build trust.