Amazon Web Services. Our Technology Partner.

Hosting with AWS

When it comes to technology, we’re all about flexibility and providing secure, scaleable, professionally supported solutions. Our partnership with AWS extends our ability to offer these things to our clients.

Amazon Web Services offers a wide-range of hosting options and our relationship with AWS solution architects enables us to engineer the right solution for your website our business application. AWS has the ability to scale on demand, so when we have clients who are expecting large spike in activity, the infrastructure can be modified to accommodate the load that without affecting user experience.

For larger products AWS have multiple servers and availability zones can be utilised to maximise site access and reduce unexpected downtime.

AWS handles all of our infrastructure needs. They are constantly improving their services, which allows us to deliver more and often more efficiently as new features are released. Their resilient network lets us easily scale to meet user demand, and their dedicated business support is always available.

— Kye Russell, Developer, The Cut



AWS is a scalable, reliable, secure global computing infrastructure that powers big names in business and technology. It is reassuring to be working with technology provider that can offer infrastructure at this level.


AWS only charges for the for the compute power, storage, and resources you use. There are no long-term contracts and cost saving can be achieved with up-front commitments.


AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to achieve a secure infrastructure built to meet the requirements of the most sensitive organisations.


AWS lead the way with hosting innovations, new products and services and a progressive approach to their technology services. This aligns with our own values, and give our clients access to hosting that is always evolving.