Rebranding a technology company in the resources sector.

Client: Vix Resources

The resources sector has become a familiar space for us, mostly via enterprise level software development projects. It was great to work with a technology company in the resources sector to help them evolve their branding with new logo and brand identity design.

— Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

We explored various new brand options, starting with concepts that kept a close link to the existing brand, and then moving progressively further away.

This process helped the client team clarify exactly what they wanted and how they would position the new company. Presenting was enjoyable, with a large client team and a variety of feedback.

The final choice was made and we designed a brand identity worthy of a technology business that works with the biggest names in resources, mining and oil and gas.

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A request for guidance & design options from safe to progressive.

The client team on this project included different people, from different levels within the business, and varying levels of exposure to rebranding and marketing communications projects.

In the beginning, there were questions around how much connection should be retained between the new brand, and the parent company. To help the client team understand the options,, we suggested that we guide them through it by showing them concepts based on their levels of proximity to the existing brand. The first designs would have a close and obvious visual connection to the original company, and then we would move progressively further away, becoming less conservative at the same time.

We're pleased to report that the Vix Resources team quickly and happily agreed that a high degree of separation was the best solution for them and their business. From there, they also decided on one of our more progressive logo design options as the solution that you can see here.

For a business that helps resources companies manage the travel and accommodation of their FIFO workforces, movement was an important component of what they do, as are remote locations in the Australian desert. We think you'll be able to see these themes reflected in the final visuals.

For Vix Resources, a logistics technology and software supplier for resources companies, The Cut worked closely with their team to achieve understanding, and build a new brand that satisfied a all stakeholders and their various priorities. We're looking forward to continuing to help Vix Resources evolve their marketing in 2019.