Brand and campaign design for a foodie startup.

Client: The Scoff Society
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This was a great project for us, and we're really proud of the name, logo and campaign. It’s a project that came together really nicely with all the materials integrated and consistent and just right for the young demographic.

— David Marshall, Graphic Designer, The Cut

New brand from the ground up

We helped The Scoff Society with everything from the name to their Shopify ecommerce website, and we had the strategy for starters. Projects like this always start with strategy because that leads to the strongest ideas.

The 'working' brand name lacked the attitude and personality that you need to engage with young people and hold their attention, so after the strategy was final and clear, we started the name generation process. For us, thinking up brand names follows a process. We define directions, and then start generating brand name options under each direction. We freestyle, we invent, we hit the thesaurus, foreign languages and we mashup words to create new ones.

When we have a long list, we cull and create a short lis to the strongest options. Then we distil those to a handful of recommendations, and share those and the short list with the client. As with most things we do with new brands, we collaborate and consult to help the client find the strongest final solutions for their business.

After strategy and naming, we designed the logo, brand identity and hero campaign concept. You can see it all right here. It’s a great brand and advertising campaign for a Perth start up that we’re really proud of.

We love bringing businesses to life with good design and strategic campaigns that work. If your business could use an excitement injection, get in touch with us today.


Finding the right voice

More and more, and more, we hear successful brands talk about the importance of understanding your market, and defining your advertising and messages based on that understanding.

We agree.

If you understand your market, who they are, what challenges they face, what they want from a business like yours, and finally, how you can help them, then you're ready to create some advertising messages that have a very good chance of connecting with the right people.