Rebranding your business for engagement & growth.

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Look Different to Stand Out

There are so many businesses and so many brands in our world and modern media, it's hard to know how to stand out. The truth is, in the busiest of environments, the simplest brands will be the strongest.

Just as advertising often tries to say it all, and ends up saying nothing memorable, most logos and branding out there are over complicated and busy. And those characteristics make them mostly ineffective.

The good news is, that simplicity stands out from the crowd. We can reinvent your brand to make it stand out, be more memorable and therefore more effective everywhere that it appears. From your business cards and vehicles, to your social media and billboards, we can help your brand stand up, and stand out. It’s all possible when your brand is simple and consistent.

Since 2009, and even before then, the people in our business have been working side by side with Perth business owners to first understand, and then reinvent, their brands for them. It’s a team effort that combines your understanding of your business and customers, with our focus on good quality branding design. The process is sometimes a little scary, but it’s always super exciting too.

Take a look at our branding case studies and across a diverse range of businesses sectors and types, the one thing they all have in common, is simplicity.

Designing for new brands is awesome, and it's even more exciting to create new ideas for an existing brand. We have the ‘before’, and we work hard to create a fantastic ‘after’ so the jump in quality, power and effectiveness is obvious to everyone involved.

— David Marshall, Graphic Designer, The Cut


Understanding Business

It’s either difficult or down right impossible to design good branding without an excellent understanding of the business. Our process starts with downloading your business knowledge to our design team.

Your Sector

We want to understand your sector. What do your competitors look like and are those brands basic, or amazing? We want to know, so we investigate and work out how to make your business stand out.

Concept Options

One new idea is never enough, so we design a range of options and present you with only the strongest designs for your business. Then we refine based on your feedback and preferences.

Consistency & Effectiveness

When we have your new logo, we develop a brand identity and some simple rules to follow to help your team, and your partners, to keep your new branding consistent wherever it is used.