Logo & Branding Design

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Brand Guidelines

Is your logo and branding looking tired and outdated? It’s a common problem, and one we see all the time. Unfortunately, all but the biggest and very best brands have a used by date. After time, most brands will benefit from a refresh to bring them back up-to-date and show the market that the business is active, relevant and evolving.

Logo and branding design is challenging and can seem like a huge step to take. That’s true. But with the right processes, collaboration and design skills the results can be highly effective and very exciting.

“Rebranding is something we love to help our clients with. It’s challenging and exciting and we work hard to create options that lead to impressive transformations and breathe new life into brands and businesses.”

- David Marshall, Graphic Designer, The Cut

Design Process

Designing strong logos and brand identities is just as much a strategic process as a creative one. We spend time with our clients to develop clear understandings of their business, customers and their expectations of the new brand.

We have refined our process over time to develop a proven system that results in the best possible design options for our clients. If you want to rebrand your business with an experienced team who use proven processes to deliver awesome outcomes, speak to us today.

“Behind every great design lies a well thought out strategy and a clear brief to guide the designers. That’s why platforms like Fiver and 99 Designs so rarely deliver - They don’t invest in understanding the client’s business.’

- Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

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