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Shopify Meetup Perth V7

The last Meetup, back in June, was held was just before our directors headed off to Toronto for the Shopify Unite conference. That Meetup was a great night too, with some awesome speakers, but the weather was a little rough, and kept a few people away.

Not so for Shopify Meetup V7. Thursday Sept 12 was a glorious day and a warm and balmy spring evening.

Subsequently, the queue was out the door as well over 100 guests gathered at the Claisebrook Design Community venue. And then, disaster! We started running out of beer. Thirsty folks.

So it was that after 45 minutes of pizza and ecommerce-fuelled networking, we kicked off the Meetup with a welcome and 'Thank You's' from Ben De Jonge, and then the first keynote speaker of the night - Scott Goodman from Okendo, a customer review app for Shopify.

Customer Reviews with Scott Goodman from Okendo

Scott Goodman x 2 from Okendo, twice as good for customer reviews.
Scott Goodman x 2 from Okendo, twice as good for customer reviews.

Okendo is a Customer Review app, developed specifically for Shopify. We met the Okendo team at an event during Unite, in Toronto. We got on well with them and their app is doing very well. Okendo is a smart and powerful customer review app, and the Sydney based team are always on the road telling more merchants and ecommerce business people about the power of customer reviews.

So, Scott Goodman, APAC Account manager for Okendo, was happy to visit Perth for our Meetup, and to share the capabilities of Okendo, and the benefits of playing a good game in the Customer Review space.

Customer reviews play an important role in the 'Lifetime Customer Value' scenario, because reviews allow ecommerce businesses to increase the value of their existing clients via positive endorsements. Not only that, but content-rich reviews are powerful tools of persuasion, because online shoppers like to see what other customers think. Understandably too, because there is plenty of comfort in knowing that people have tried a product before you, and it's great to hear that they are happy, or if not, why not.

Okendo is all about data-rich reviews, from custom content fields and ranking tools, to images and videos to make the reviews as compelling and effective as possible.

And this is not just about the review itself either. Okendo gives Shopify businesses some great ways to survey customers and get direct feedback to build up that ever-valuable customer profile information.

Our thanks to Scott and the team at Okendo.

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Marketing Strategy with Kristi Dempster from Assembly + Co

Kristi Dempster joined our Customer Value Meetup to talk on marketing strategies and how to investigate, profile and understand customers.

Kristi is principal at Assembly + Co a boutique marketing company in the Perth CBD with the scope to work with small businesses and some very large brands. Assembly + Co specialise in developing strategies and pulling together project teams to deliver defined business outcomes.

Kristi took the crowd through the strategic steps involved in profiling your target customers - those customers who are most likely to want to engage with your brand, and buy your products. And products is where it starts.

It pays to get clarity around what your products offer, the problems they solve and the features and benefits they offer. This step makes it easier to see who your products will be best for.

Resist the temptation to want to reach everyone. Everyone is not your market, so don't try and be all things to all people. It only results in wasted time, money and energy. Understand and focus, and your results will be optimised.

Next, Kristi took us through the process of segmenting customers based on their geographic location, demographics, behaviours and psychographic needs and wants.

The value in customer profiling is the ability it gives you to focus your messaging, your content and your marketing from your homepage and social media content to your product descriptions and customer messaging.

Big thanks to Kristi for overcoming a cold, and our big crowd, to give a great presentation.

Stories from Shopify Merchants

There's no doubt about it, Shopify Merchants love hearing from Shopify Merchants. It's peer-to-peer learning at its best and we always include at least two merchants to share their ecommerce stories and insights with our Meetup crowds.

For this Meetup we heard from Natalie Guy from La Vida Vegan and Aaron Koo and his cofounders from Hydra.

La Vida Vegan

Natalie is founder of La Vida Vegan, Perth's only all-vegan grocery store, and one of very few in the state. Natalie has run a bricks and mortar store, and their Shopify store for a few years and has plenty of ecommerce learning and insights to share.

Natalie shared stories on her approach to maximising lifetime customer value, understanding her customers, the importance of great service and her favourite and most effective apps. Thank you Natalie!


Aaron Koo was joined by Hydra co-founders Yujun and Leigh and the trio took a tag-team approach to presenting the Hydra ecommerce stories. Each founder has a different skill set in the business, and presented based on those specialisations. Aaron's focus is SEO, Adwords and digital marketing. Yujun runs Hydra's facebook and Instagram content and campaigns and Leigh's skills are in producing photos and videos.

The Hydra dream team gave a great presentation with high value take-aways for the crowd. Thank you x 3.

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Watch this Meetup space

Our Shopify Meetups Perth are going from strength to strength. The Cut and our event partners go all-out to bring fantastic ecommerce experts to Perth from other markets, and feature our brightest local digital talents.

Watch this space for more Meetup information. Our final ecommerce Meetup event for 2019 is being planned for the end of November. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more ecomm content from The Cut, you can tune in to our Shopify Podcast.