Toronto first timers. A great city, the first events, Niagra Falls & the Blue Jays.

Toronto in spring is a great place to be
Toronto in spring is a great place to be

Happy birthdays & happy hours

It just so happened that the day we flew from LA to Toronto, was Scott's birthday. Happy Birthday Scott! Now, it wasn't the perfect birthday, because it started with both Ben and Scott being a little 'tired and emotional' from the dinner the night before, and transit through LAX is never the best fun.

But when we landed in Toronto, things improved quickly. With an awesome Air BnB right in downtown and just a couple of blocks from the lake shore, and an all-Canadian dinner at a nearby restaurant with great service. They even brought out a nice little birthday cake.

On Sunday, we explored the city, did some shopping, some podcasting, some work and then headed off to the first Canadian event of the trip - A casual networking dinner for (mostly) APAC Shopify Partners. The agenda was to share information and insights on running Shopify Meetups and it was great to start to meet Shopify people from Oz, Asia and the USA etc.

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Toronto tourists go to Niagra & the baseball

As we said, it would have been downright un-Australian of us to travel all that way without spending some time appreciating the landscapes, locals and culture.

So on Monday, with a group of Aussies from Disco and Reload, we did a strike mission to Niagra falls, which is around 90 minutes drive from Toronto. In a few words, it was awesome and tons of fun, as you can see from the pics. There's also a wine region in the same area that gave us a great option for lunch.

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Go the 'Jays!

After the falls, it was back to Toronto to see the city's MLB (Major League Baseball) team, the Toronto Blue Jays, take on the LA Angels. Great fun and heaps of home runs were hit, unfortunately more by the Angels than the Blue Jays.

And at the game, we found out that Scott was a keen base baller in his youth. Who knew!??

So, that wraps up our lead up, and from there, it was down to business, with Shopify Unite 2019 kicking off first thing on the Tuesday morning.

Check out our other blogs and our podcasts for everything ecommerce we learned at the event.

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