Shopify Unite 2019. Day 1. Shopify offices, brunch & workshops.

Scott & the proof that we made it
Scott & the proof that we made it

We arrive, we register, we tour, we brunch, we learn.

On this day, Shopify Unite 2019 started.

It started as most conferences do, with registration for all guests, so to the Beanfield Centre we went to receive our lanyards and swag - a Shopify tee and water bottle. Very nice they are too and full points to Shopify for helping us all wage the War on Waste.

From there it was on to a tour of the Shopify Toronto offices, located at 80 Spadina Ave in a hip area of downtown Toronto.

  • Ben, looking for the way forward
  • The welcoming committee advanced party
  • The welcoming committee main group
  • of

We tour

The tour was just for Shopify agencies and developers from the APAC region. The offices were everything we suspected they might be - Hip, cool, large, progressive, dynamic, beautiful, generous, homely, busy, well populated etc. They also have a very cool rooftop. Plus, a cafe where employees can help themselves to a very nice range of snacks from chips and muesli bars to Coke and kale juice. (Disclaimer - Sightings of kale juice are unconfirmed).

Tristan Miller, APAC partner manager, gave everyone an informal welcome to Unite 2019, to the Shopify offices and encouraged one and all to make the most of the journey. Which we did!

  • Neon welcomes
  • Those smart-ass Aussies & a tee
  • The gathering
  • Those rooftop downtown views
  • Happy Potter naming conventions
  • of

Onwards to Facebook!

From the Toronto Shopify headquarters, it was off to a cafe to bond and fuel up for the first workshops. A very enjoyable brunch was had and nice and intelligent people met, and bonded with. Partnership opportunities abound, and now, back in good ol' Perth, we are capitalising and building relationships, booking podcast interviews and making plans for events of our own in Perth the APAC region.

For all the learning that we absorbed from the Facebook workshop that Ben attended, check the blog on that topic.