Shopify. Unite 2019. Shopify LA.

  • Scott, outside the LA Shopify store & looking hip
  • Ben & Scott, sitting pretty & strategically, right under the right logo
  • Shopify LA Store, a great place to meet, work, find support & learn
  • Ben podcasting with Leah, one of the lovely Shopify Guru
  • A hip location & a very cool space for Shopify's first ever store
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LA was 100% awesome. It's very exciting and motivating for us to meet Shopify agencies who are based in LA and working with some of the biggest ecomm brands on the planet. For us to make those connections and learn from their experience is totally inspiring.

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Two days in LA

Ben and Scott have just spent two days in Los Angeles, on their way North and East to Toronto, Ontario, for Shopify Unite 2019, the global ecommerce conference.

If you want to hear a recent Podcast about LA, just CLICK HERE.

Stopping in LA had a few objectives for The Cut, the first, to break the journey and absorb some jet lag, the second to attend a Shopify LA event, the third, to check out the new Shopify LA store, and finally to meet new people.

Ok, we'll be honest, there was also some excitement about some tourist time in LA's Venice Beach and getting to check out this legendary city for a few hours.

Cheers! Thirsty Thursday with Shopify LA

  • The Cut Directors Ben & Scott, flanking Rhys Furner, APAC Shopify Partnership Manager
  • Ben & Scott & a selection of Californian ecomm experts
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The Thirsty Thursday networking event was hosted by Steph and Eddie of the Shopify LA team on the night that the Toronto Raptors took out the NBA playoffs and The Waterfront bar on Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach, got a little rowdy.

As you'd expect in LA, there was a big turn out, with around 40 upbeat Californian ecommerce business people turning up for drinks and to meet some Aussies who were in town on their way to Unite. And Ben and Scott were not the only ones either. Rhys Furner, APAC Partnership Manager had also just arrived in the City of Angels.

It was a very enjoyable few hours, and we met people from agencies and app development companies to exchange cards, connected on LinkedIn, tell stories and have a few laughs.

Some of the standout people and businesses included Steph and Eddie from Shopify LA, Ted and Jonathon from Thankful, Brad, David and Nina from Klarna, Chuck from Branded Online, James and Jonny from Dot Digital and Ryan and Donovan from Tapcart.

Thanks very much to everyone who came a long, it was awesome to meet so many people, and we look forward to catching up again at Unite.

Shopify LA Store + a podcast ambush

  • Scott & Leah running through Shopify's POS technologies
  • Take a closer look
  • Scott likes asking tricky tech questions
  • But wait, there's more!
  • A good looking space on the outside too
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We have to say a big THANK YOU to Leah and her team at the Shopify store in downtown LA. We turned up unannounced and Leah gave us a ton of her time, and also agreed to do a quick interview for our podcast. What a great sport. Thank you Leah!

The Shopify LA store is less than a year old, and the very first physical location for the ecommerce brand.

Located in the very hip and progressive ROW DTLA (Down Town LA) area of recently renovated warehouses, the precinct is home to some very cool stores, eateries and progressive brands just like Shopify.

The Shopify LA store exists to give support to Shopify Merchants. In this space, merchants can attend events for networking and learning, find support and access technology and space dedicated to helping them create, build, market and grow their ecommerce businesses.

The Shopify store includes a theatre format presentation area, photo shoot space and a professional podcast studio, plus a full display of the latest Shopify Point Of Sale (POS) hardware.