Meeting the Tapcart co-founder

Tapcart, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Scott & Sina getting into the Tapcart tech
Scott & Sina getting into the Tapcart tech

Having met a couple of Tapcart team members at the Shopify event on Thursday night, Scott was keen to find out more, so our last stop for Friday was at the brand new Tapcart offices in the heart of Santa Monica.

Partnership Manager Donovan gave us a tour of their new space, and a quick history of Tapcart, a fast growing app developed for Shopify that is less than two years old.

The Tapcart space is big and open with plenty of natural light coming in from all sides. Their fast-growing team have only recently moved into this new space, and are still settling in and making it feel like 'home'. There is plenty of room for growth, which is a good thing, because Tapcart are growing fast with immediate plans to add a new batch of bodies to their existing team of 25+.

After a tour and a run down from Donovan, co-founder of Tapcart, Sina Mobasser, was kind enough to give us some of his Friday afternoon to run us through a great demo of their technology. Sina talked us through the benefits, some case studies and some very impressive growth figures.

  • Tapcart space, with extra room to grow
  • Nice space to talk ecommerce tech
  • On brand bike
  • Thanks to Sina for the time & tech tales
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What Tapcart does, and how

So, Tapcart is an application built for Shopify merchants, and Tapcart specialise in Shopify Plus businesses - Enterprise level ecommerce companies.

Tapcart technology allows Shopify merchants to turn their websites into native mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

You might be wondering what the advantage of this is, when Shopify websites already work on mobile. Right? Ok and fair enough too. Tapcart achieves their strongest results, which often look like 3x increases in sales conversions, for ecomm companies where customers are making repeat purchases. Those sectors might include nutrition, food, clothing, footwear and fashion, plus more.

When a customer can instal their favourite ecomm brands on their phones as apps, it gives them a seamless connection between them and the products they love. The result? Big increases in engagement, repeat purchases and sales conversions overall.