Perth Shopify Meetup V6. Ecommerce success learning from Calvert & Co, DHL Express, Summit Web, The Cut & Pedal Mafia.

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Perth Shopify Meetup V6

The focus of our sixth (yes sixth!) Shopify ecommerce Meetup was pretty straightforward - Success. Of course, achieving success with an ecommerce business, and any other category of company for that matter, is a complex business.

For this Meetup, we focussed the audience's attention on ecommerce marketing and killer content, the importance of fast and successful delivery of products and the magic of SEO done well.

Those were the topics covered off by our three guest key note speakers, and we also welcomed Anthony Minchin, General Manager of Pedal Mafia, to the stage to give the Shopify merchant presentation of the evening, which he executed like a true professional. But for now, let's get back to the key notes.

  • Standing room only at the back
  • Iain Calvert & his dog treademill
  • Lisa Atley talks ecomm metrics
  • Chris Dinham continuing conversations
  • Anthony shows Pedal Mafia's stuff
  • Ben & some Pedal Mafia bling
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Iain Calvert from Calvert & Co.

We were lucky to have Iain Calvert of Calvert & Co. visit us from Melbourne for this Meetup. He said he came over just for The Cut and Shopify, but he disappeared so quickly into the south wests' wine region, that we are left wondering...

Iain works as a marketing consultant specialising in ecommerce, and while he is based in Melbourne, he travels the world to share his insights, and his clients are also scattered from Brisbane to Bristol and from Sydney to Singapore. Iain likes to make sure that everyone in the room, from the young starter to the established companies, learns something from his presentation. So, he covered some ground, starting with the right ways to use online tools to explore the potential of the market and products you are considering jumping into.

With the original example concept of 'treadmills for dogs' Iain took our audience through a wide range of ecommerce marketing tips, tricks, insights and brilliant and sometimes funny observations. Starting with the research, Iain took the group through a journey from Google Adwords and website migrations to great content and when is the right time to use a digital marketing agency.

Iain's insights continued to cover new ground including using social media to increase eDM engagement and even the benefits of finding resources offshore to increase efficiencies in your business.

Needless to say, the audience learned lots and we were happy to have Iain on board for the evening.

Lisa Atley from DHL Express

Lisa and her colleague Dean from DHL Express Perth have been big fans of our Meetups for a few months, so we thought the time was right to invite them to present.

While Lisa's focus was on the importance of delivery and the huge implications this experience can have on an ecommerce business's ability to retain customers, and create new ones, she also had a ton of ecomm sector insights to share with us all.

Starting with some funnier figures, like the number of online purchases that are made while drunk (or from the loo!) Lisa took the crowd through the scale of existing ecommerce opportunities, projected growth stats, and also the opportunity so many ecommerce companies have to open themselves up to international markets.

After some interesting overviews of the sector, Lisa took the crowd through scenarios more specific to delivery and fulfilment and the thought processes customers go through at the point of checkout. The effect delivery has on customer happiness is very interesting and can make a massive difference to any business's conversion rates.

Lisa helped the crowd grow their understanding about how to absorb delivery costs, when to discount and how to approach communications about delivery to customers.

Our thanks to Lisa for an awesome presentation, and for the support and enthusiasm from her and Dean at DHL Express Perth.

Chris Dinham from Summit Web

The Cut have had a great relationship with Chris and his business partner Robbie from Summit Web for a year or two now. Both great blokes, they know their stuff and are committed to the start-up community, staying progressive, and digital marketing success in general.

Chris loves his specialisation (SEO, Google, Adwords and content) gave a great presentation with a focus on search, traffic, god quality traffic and the art of attraction and conversion.

Like Iain, Chris started at the beginning with some overview and 101 insights from defining SEO to identifying your business's niche market to some awesome tips about building up 'killer content' for ecommerce websites - It's all about writing about your best products people!

Chris finished by talking on the importance of promotion and analysis to work out what is working best so you can refine and repeat to continually improve and grow your success.

Anthony Minchin from Pedal Mafia

Anthony was our merchant presenter for the evening but it has to be said, he presented more like a digital agency professional, and we mean that in a good way!

Anthony is GM of Pedal Mafia, a cycling apparel brand that started right here in Perth. While still in the 'start-up' mode of lean operations and gaining traction, the team at Pedal Mafia have done a lot of things right from the start, including an awesome name, great branding and high quality social content that is just right for their market of lycra-clad road cycling fanatics.

Anthony took us through the Pedal Mafia approach to product display and content, as well as their strategies around product diversification, custom ranges and more.

Tying in nicely with the DHL key note, Anthony also spoke about his company's challenges, and solutions, regarding warehousing, delivery timings and international fulfilment.

Q&A + Wrap Up

The 6th Perth Shopify Meetup ended with a very active Q&A that just didn't want to end. Our panel were fielding answers and starting discussions with the group until 8:45, which is fantastic.

It's always a great indicator of a highly engaged group when the hands are raised and the questions come thick and fast, and that was certainly the case on this evening. Our thanks to our speakers, and our own Scott Sanders, for taking to the stage again and helping out a variety of people with their challenges.

Thanks again to Pedal Mafia, who provided some very bling goodie bags of 'merch' that were gratefully received by a dozen members of the crowd. Thanks Anthony!

We'd like to thank everyone who came out, lined up and enjoyed another great Shopify evening of learning, networking, pizza and drinks.

And our massive endorsement to the support of our key note speakers who give up their time and expertise to make our meetups the fantastic events that they are.

Here's to the rest of 2019, and plenty more 'Successify' for you all.

Our next meetup is pencilled in for late September, so watch this space and we hope to see you there. In the meantime, if you want to join us on our podcast, or tell your Shopify story at one of our next meetups, drop us a line anytime.