The Cut. Perth's only agency with Shopify Plus status.

“We have worked hard to be invited to be Perth’s only Shopify Plus agency. We’re happy to be part of the Shopify Partner community, but most of all, we’re excited to help businesses improve performance, increase engagement and grow sales conversions. Those objectives are what drives us.”

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut
TheCut and Shopify Plus

A Perth digital agency & the path to Shopify Plus Partnership

In 2009 we opened our doors as a software and website development agency, with a focus also on branding and campaigns.

In our first year we undertook a custom ecommerce project for a high street fashion retailer.

In 2010, we found Shopify and saw the writing on the wall.

For 6 or 7 years we worked with ecomm businesses small, and very very big to help them grow and increase sales.

In 2017, we became Shopify Expert Partners.

And in our 9th year, we became Shopify Plus Partners, the only Shopify Plus Partner agency in Perth.

In 2019, our 10th year in business, we're excited about the opportunity and the chance to help bigger businesses enhance their ecomm operations, and smaller businesses to scale and grow with Shopify.

"Shopify Plus offers many advantages to fast growing ecommerce businesses. International expansion capabilities is just one of those, and with Shopify, almost anything is possible. It's a very exciting space to be in and we meet so many merchants with incredible and life-changing ecomm success stories."

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Shopify core

Shopify’s core offering is all about making ecommerce as accessible and simple as possible for businesses from startups to fast scaling international operations.

Shopify launched in 2004, and since then has become the leading ecommerce platform with a name that is becoming not only well known, but synonymous with high performance, robust, secure and feature-rich ecommerce.

In the beginning, Shopify gave businesses the best product management and transactional experiences plus relaxation that comes with automatic security, feature and version updates. The platform focussed on core functions and did these very well by keeping it simple, delivering awesome user experience, and offering great support.

Shopify has built the strongest global community based on those factors.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is Shopify, with some extras. Quite a few extras, developed specifically for fast growing businesses with higher revenues and international markets.

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise offering, created to deliver an exceptional and scalable experience to big businesses.

Shopify Plus is the platform's response to a weakness in the market and a lack of ecomm capabilities for enterprise level companies. While small and medium sized businesses were being well served by Shopify core, large and fast growing businesses were being underserved in the ecommerce space in general.

Plus gives simplicity, scalability and international expansion features to fast growing and well established bigger businesses. It allows business owners to focus on marketing and management, rather than dealing with technical issues, updates and bug fixes.

Is Shopify Plus for you?

To be right for Shopify Plus, your business should have revenue of over approx. $1.2 million per year and / or be selling in multiple international markets. For businesses like these, Shopify Plus offers a range of benefits.

Shopify Plus is backed by a network of ecommerce experts and support teams. To meet the needs of people operating enterprise level ecommerce businesses, Shopify Plus have created support teams offering the expertise of Launch Managers for the pre-launch stages, and Business Success Managers to give ongoing strategic support post-launch. These ecomm gurus give business owners and operations managers daily support and strategic planning guidance.

If you want to understand Shopify Plus in more detail, and find out if or when it will be right for your ecommerce business, we know people, get in touch.

Our plus partnership announcement

The confirmation of our Plus Partnership came through to The Cut's Subiaco studio towards the end of December 2018. Happy Christmas! Scott has driven this partnership, and the email notification hit his inbox, and he immediately hit the stairs to share the news with our team.

It's an exciting time for us, particularly because we are the first and only Perth ecommerce agency to hold Shopify Plus Partner status.

We're proud of that and the partnership is a validation of a long commitment to the best ecommerce platform out there, and gives us the ability, support and access to resources and expertise to help fast growth businesses upgrade to Plus, create custom site designs, implement new features and whatever else they need to grow and continue to increase sales conversions.