Perth Shopify Meetup V4. Ecommerce learning from The Cut, Keepspace, The Beauty Edit & The Quick Flick.

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Shopify Meetups bring Perth ecommerce business people together.

Aside from the accessibility, usability and scalability that Shopify offers, one of the best things about this ecommerce platform is the strength of the community. Whether it's online, within the Shopify teams themselves, or at grass roots level at meetups like this one, people are always willing to help, give advice and share their Shopify ecommerce business stories.

While Shopify meetups have been a 'thing' around the world for several years, 2018 was the first year that they have been held in Perth and as Perth's leading Shopify Expert Partners, The Cut were happy, and a little nervous, to kick things off way back in February.

10 months and 4 meetup events later, we have met hundreds of people, engaged with many partners and Shopify merchants and presented ecommerce learning events across a wide range of topics.

It was super rewarding for our team here at The Cut to finish 2018 with the forth and final event and have an impressive turnout of over 100 people. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who came along and especially the teams from Keepspace, The Beauty Edit and The Quick Flick who contributed their time, ecomm experience and Shopify knowledge to share their stories and insights with the crowd.

Our meetup events are always fun, enlightening and enjoyable. We get excited about them, and the variety of merchants we meet, from startups and micro businesses to international operations using Shopify Plus, is amazing. The Shopify ecommerce community is alive, well and always interesting and engaged.

— Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut
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Shopify ecommerce experts, suppliers & merchants

Ecommerce topics

For the Perth Shopify Meetup V4, we approached Jesse Emia, co-founder and Director of Keepspace to give our guest keynote presentation, but to kick the evening off, The Cut's own Ben De Jonge took the retro 70s mic, and gave a rapid fire instructional talk on creating and improving brands and communication for digital channels. From the mechanics of developing a communication plan and insights around good quality social media and content, to campaign creation and website home pages, Ben covered old lessons and new channels, and some simple advice designed to be accessible and implemented quickly by business people who are looking to improve in these areas.


Jesse Emia took the mic next to talk about shipping, inventory and fulfilment, the niche occupied by his company Keepspace. Jesse and his team are here to help Shopify merchants manage their products right through the process, from inventory and warehousing, to stock forecasting and fast and efficient delivery. In the growing ecommerce space, Keepspace are becoming increasingly relevant as Shopify businesses reach volumes that require external assistance to deliver consistent management and control, and ultimately help make sure that customers get their products in the right way and have a positive experience with the brands they are buying from.

The Beauty Edit

Coincidently, both Shopify Merchants at this meetup operate in the beauty sector. First to share their story and experience was Franca Pellegrini, Founder of The Beauty Edit. Franca's Shopify experience has come from buying, and then re-branding an existing ecommerce beauty business. She has successfully transformed the previous brand and business into the modern and minimalist brand that is The Beauty Edit. With a background in advertising and marketing, Franca has been able to put her 'real job' experience to work for her Shopify business, and The Beauty Edit is a polished and professional beauty website with an authentic and premium look and feel, and the products to match.

The Quick Flick

And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed Iris Smit to the stage. Iris is Founder and CEO of The Quick Flick, a very young, Subiaco based business that has become an international beauty powerhouse in just 18 months. Iris' story is an extraordinary one in terms of the success she has achieved in such a short time, and her ability to scale and grow the business from her spare bedroom. Now, The Quick Flick has a team of over a dozen people, clients all over the world and has recently moved up to Shopify Plus. All this in around 18 months. Understandably, the meetup audience had plenty of questions for Iris, and her Marketing Manager Jason Steel, during the Q&A panel.


Joining Iris on stage for questions from the crowd were Scott Sanders, Director at The Cut and Jesse and Franca.

The Q&A panel is always popular and at this event was even more active than usual. Questions ranged from clarifications around the fulfilment process and the customer journey to marketing automations, managing the customer journey, up-selling and the features offered by Shopify Plus.

2018, that's a wrap

The Q&A was followed by door prizes and this time around for the people that have attended the most meetups for the year, which was 3 by the way. No one had all 4 under their belts. Oh well, maybe next year. Then there some more drinks and pizza and plenty more conversations were had until well after 9pm.

We're looking forward to 2019 and another series of Perth Shopify Meetups. If you'd like to be involved, as a Shopify expert, specialist, supplier or a merchant, please get in touch with us at The Cut.

Until then, our thanks to everyone who has attended and been involved in Perth's first ever Shopify Meetups across 2018. You're all a bunch of lovely legends.

Happy Christmas, have a great holiday, and all the very best for an ecommerce prosperous year in 2019.