Why The Cut Chose Shopify in 2010


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Here at The Cut, we have worked with Shopify since 2010.

At time of writing, that’s around 8 years of experience on this most awesome of hosted ecommerce platforms. In digital, 8 years is a long time, and we happily continue our love affair with Shopify and its community of merchants, agencies and app developers.

Since the beginning, we have been very happy with our decision to specialise in Shopify. We did our research, and eight years on, we still find more reasons to love the platform, the scope it gives business to grow and the progressive nature of the Shopify community.

— Scott Sanders, Director, The Cut

Early Adopters

Shopify was first launched in 2004, at a time when The Cut’s directors, Ben and Scott, had still not met each other. The Cut started in 2009, and we chose Shopify in 2010. That makes us an early adopters of the platform and certainly one of Australia’s leading agencies in the platform.

Our directors and our team all have, at the very least, a solid base understanding of Shopify and what can be achieved, and our developers and digital managers are more than capable of living up to The Cut’s Expert Partner status. So, let’s find out some more from our team members about choosing Shopify in the first place, and what we have learned to love about it since 2010.

Tested Features

Working with a platform like Shopify allows business people to access an ecommerce website that is already rich in features, and offers the capacity to continually add more features as the business grows and changes.

Plus, we can all be completely confident that when Shopify releases something new, it has been well tested and is therefore safe, secure and robust, which is just how we like technology to be, here at The Cut.

Product Management

Inventory management. Stock control. Taking care of your products. Call it what you like, whether your store is online, or made of bricks and mortar, or both, managing products can be challenging and labour intensive.

A key factor that attracted us to Shopify in the first place, is the product management system. Shopify has one of the most thoughtful, well considered and intelligently designed ecommerce management interfaces. What that means for store owners is that it is as simple, fast and as easy as it can be to manage your products.

Expand & Grow

We love working with Shopify because it is easily extendable. The Shopify app store is a treasure trove of functionality that can be added to your shop. Add reviews, loyalty programmes and customer wish lists. Give your business access to detailed analytics, print labels and packing slips, integrate with accounting software, shipping programs and social media sites.

I am super happy to be committed to Shopify. It’s rewarding for us all to be help smaller merchants with instant guidance and quick fixes, and then work on sophisticated solutions with bigger companies. Business owners respond to our expertise and we can prove ourselves quickly.

— Sajith Jayaweera, Shopify Designer, The Cut

And then there’s the marketing apps that help you market your store to the masses. We work with clients to help them find the best and most dependable apps to deliver the features they need to take their business to the next level.

Performance & Security

Impressive store performance is built-in and included in every Shopify website. So, loading speeds are always as fast as your connection will allow. Site performance and speed in general is very important in retaining customers and delivering a positive and rewarding user experience.

Plus, the hosting includes regular security updates that are automatically passed on to every merchant.

Essential Features

All of the must-have features for any ecommerce business are already included and ready to go on every Shopify website. From integrated payments to product management and from feature options to awesome analytics, they are all included in the base model. This makes start-up easy for small businesses and sole operators.

I love working with Shopify because it is so easy to use. Our store owners can spend their time in the setting things up, adding product, and serving customers. Shopify has an amazingly simple backend system that makes administrative chores easy.

— - Christian Geyer, Shopify Designer, The Cut

Super Support

Fast and responsive support is available from Shopify and its communities through multiple channels so that even the smallest merchants always have easy access to the help they often need to troubleshoot, learn and improve. Reach out to Shopify, post in their Slack channels and forums, and you’ll find a dynamic and engaged community who are ready to help you solve your ecommerce challenges.

Custom Design

Shopify is also well set up to work with custom designed interfaces and for many businesses, custom solutions are essential for the way they sell their products and services online. While the base level options are excellent and extensive, many businesses have product and service needs that do push the boundaries of Shopify, and often a custom interface is their best option. Our team at The Cut have been privileged to work with some significant global brands, and some local businesses with unique challenges.


So, there you have some of the reasons we chose Shopify in the first place, and other factors we have come to appreciate more and more as we have built our knowledge of what is possible with the platform over the years.

If you are planning an ecommerce startup, or want to improve an existing Shopify website our team of experts can certainly help you find the best options. We’re always happy to help ecommerce businesses and Shopify merchants, so please feel free to contact us anytime.

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