Winning with content marketing for our clients.

Talking about the growth and importance of Social Media marketing is really stating the obvious. If you haven't seen the engagement businesses can achieve using Social Media channels, it's time you did. Now, we're not saying it's easy, but we are saying that there are so many opportunities to leverage, and that compared to traditional media, Social Media strategies can be very efficient, and highly effective.

What's not so obvious, to many business owners and marketing professionals, is exactly how to get the most from these new media channels.

Not long ago, social media for business was far simpler. You could post photos, share with friends and achieve good engagement. Since then, these channels, led by Facebook, have become sophisticated digital media channels that offer incredible marketing power. And the value is still sky high when campaigns are executed properly.

— Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

We added Social Media campaigns to our services in 2015 and have been building our skills, adding clients and working hard to stay ahead of the curve.

We've built good understanding of the channels and how to create content that maximises engagement. Our approach is based around strategy and merging the client's brand and key messages with what we do for them in social channels. In this way, we can create content that is true to their brand, and more engaging at the same time.

It's easy for businesses to spend a lot of time to achieve a limited return when they try to manage their own social channels. There is a real skill to creating high quality content, and pushing it out to the right people. With us, client's can set and forget. We take care of everything so they can focus on their business, and enjoy the results.

— Ben De Jonge, Director, The Cut

With a communications and journalism degree in our team's mix, we're well placed to offer combines skills including strategy development, developing client stories and points of difference, establishing focussed target groups, and managing boosting budgets.

We also research the client's business sector, competitors and content topics, before writing and designing content that will deliver maximum bang for buck.