We chose Python in the beginning, for many reasons


Google Python

Way back in 1998 as 'grunge' was coming to an end, a little company in California was changing the way the world found information on the internet.

Back then, the name Google seemed very strange indeed. These days, not so much.

That's right. Google is powered by Python and they continue to employ dozens of Python developers to drive the company's growth and evolution.

Choosing Python

But we didn't choose Python just because Google uses it. We chose it because it is secure, flexible and well aligned with creative industries. Python is the right language to be using because it is, above all else, highly agile. Writing programs that are secure and reliable can be done much faster using Python. Python is a lean language and programs written in Python are significantly shorter than code written in most other modern languages.

If a program is shorter, it means it can be written faster, so Python helps us reduce the time required for development and maintenance. Less code also means increased simplicity and that means fewer errors. And, when an errors and bugs do occur, identifying and eliminating them can be done faster simply because there is less code to work through to locate the issue. Smart hey!

Name Dropping

The simplicity of Python makes it easier to learn faster and around the world that has blurred the lines between developers and users. All sorts of experts and specialists in fields from science to finance are able to learn and use Python to explore and develop solutions for sophisticated technical challenges.

And now, please allow us to indulge in a little name dropping.

Mozilla, the name behind the Firefox web browser, uses Python for its web services and also Firefox Sync Services.

YouTube use Python because it allows them to produce new features quickly with minimal developers.

Bitly shortens tens of millions of URLs every day and handles all the clicks to those URLs. They also use Python because of the development speed it offers and its massive standard library.

So, there you have it, a little more insight into the wonderful world of Python and why we've used it to develop software and applications for clients from Cancer Council WA and Rio Tinto to Stateswim Systems and Brightpath. Plus, Python powers our very own CMS too.

If your business has objectives that involve technology, and you can see the competitive advantages in streamlining processes, turning big data into useful information and taking your business operations online, we can help you understand what's involved and how to optimise your ROI.