Social Media is the New Black

Social Icons

Businesses all over the world are logging in to Social Media to generate sales, awareness, and maximise return on marketing investments. Understandably, many business owners and marketers find it challenging to capitalise on the benefits social channels offer. So we’re here to help you understand Social Media growth and just how valuable it can be for any businesses marketing and community growth.

“Our ability to reach specific people with customised messages, and then measure the results, is powerful and exciting for our clients.”

- Ben De Jonge, Strategy & Creative Director, The Cut.

Customers want to find you on Social Media

Have you heard people say ‘Facebook official’ or ‘If it’s not on Facebook it didn’t happen’? Well, these sayings apply to your business too. That’s right. A HubSpot report has confirmed that customers expect businesses to be using Facebook regularly, if not Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin as well.

An active presence in Social Media indicates to customers that a business exists, that it is relevant, and progressive. Customers are hesitant to engage with businesses that aren’t using Social Media, and will question the legitimacy of businesses that don’t post regularly or can’t be found at all.

Generating brand awareness

50% of Australians use Social Media daily. Over 25% of that group check their social feeds over five times a day, and half of that same group admit that the first thing they do in the morning is check their social networks. Sound familiar?

Just like newspapers used to, Social Media now delivers the first news of the day. With so many people using ‘socials’ constantly, there’s no better place to generate brand awareness and engage with tens of thousands of existing customers, potential customers, and the wider community.

So get out there and compete by putting your business online and up in lights. At The Cut we have people who know how to make Social Media work for your business.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article.