Colour & fun for the studio by Tim Meakins

Tim Meakins - A happy mural maker.

Our business is defined by our people, their personalities and the digital and design skills they bring through the door every morning. 

We wanted our new Subiaco web design and advertising studio to get a great big injection of personality, fun and colour when we moved in.

We thought about dancing girls and circus performers, a plunge pool, light shows - all sorts of ideas came and went. Then Scott showed Ben the Tim Meakins Insta feed and a new idea was born. A sensible, achievable idea that would give us everything we wanted, and then some.

"I've been following Tim for a while, and love the simplicity of his style, the quirky characters he creates, and his use of colour. Last year we spoke to Tim about a mural for Brewer Street, but with the move being planned, we didn't go ahead. The new studio gave us the perfect opportunity to make it happen."

- Scott Sanders, Technogy Director, The Cut

So, what followed went something like this. A phone call, a Northbrdige pick up (not that sort!), a site visit, a written brief and 'who' and 'what' conversations about The Cut.

Then came the concepts, some big smiles and small tweaks, and just after we moved into 387 Hay Street, Tim started putting paint on the walls of the downstairs meeting space.

"This has been an awesome project for me because Ben and Scott chose me based on my style and gave me heaps of freedom. Apart from some minor tweaks, what you see on the walls at The Cut are my first concepts. That's super rewarding for me, and I love having my work in a progressive digital agency."

- Tim Meakins, Designer / Illustrator

After concept designs, the painting itself took a good three weeks, with the murals emerging gradually over multiple sessions by Tim on weekends and after hours. It was fun for the people at The Cut to see the murals fill in and come to life.

Completed at the end of April, the murals make an awesome visual statement and brings plenty of fun, colour and movement into the studio. The ground floor piece is also visible from Hay Street, which is an added bonus.

To check our more of Tim Meakins' work find him on Insta and hit his website.